Dec 26, 2007

True Friendship Never Dies

I feel I've lost a thousand years,
just living day by day.
I'm hidden behind the pain and tears,
my sorrow guides the way.
I cannot see where I have gone,
nor where my life shall go.
But leaving you my life-long friend,
is the only way I know.
It will be painful, I will be weak
but true friendship never dies.
So call upon the Greatest Power,
when you feel you can't survive.
He will heal you saddest hours,
and keep our memories alive.
For in the eternal love of God,
true friendship never dies.

Dec 9, 2007


Pinoy Rock, or Filipino Rock, is the brand of Rock music produced in the Philippines or by Filipinos. It has become as diverse as the Rock music genre itself, and bands adopting this style are now further classified under more specific genres or combinations of genres like Alternative Rock, Ethnic, Metal, New Wave, Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Reggae, Heavy Metal and Ska.

Nowadays, there are many popular "pinoy bands" with different rhythm of music: such as cueshe, 6 cycle mind, barbie's cradle, and etc. They have inspired a lot of youth in this generation to be like them.

SHEBERYNNE band- a group of friends who aspires to be famous in the music industry. They are 4th year students from Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School. These young individuals are really gifted with different talents. Surely they'll be on the top if they pursue their dreams.

Rubeth Irene Cardona - Bass Guitar
Shielou Quimson - Drummer
Marypaz Tumaob - Guitarist
Alvin Magpulong - Keyboardist
NiƱa Marie Tadena - Vocalist